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About The Blogger:

I was born and raised in Colorado as the youngest of five kids, four boys and one girl. Eat, breathe, and consume sports in any manner possible was how we wer raised. I’m a true to home Broncos, Nuggets, Avs, and CSU fan(Sorry Rockies). Red Sox will forever hold my baseball allegiance. I mean, the first memory I have of this earth was being shaken awake as my oldest brother yelled “Papi did it again, Papi did it again, we’re going to game 6!!!”… Referring to David Ortiz, walking it off for the 2nd consecutive night of the 20004 ALCS.

If you catch me in my free time and sports aren’t involved, ask me if everything’s alright. I’m either being held hostage, or something’s gone deeply awry. Grab a beer for the Tuesday MACtion game? I’m your guy. Play some pool while watching some Thursday night FunBelt games? Count me in. Trying to bet on Bulgarian ping pong at 2AM? Sure, let me find out which sportsbook offers it. Chances are if there’s a ball and a competition at stake, I’m gonna watch it.

Helping Loot Sports takeover one person at a time because I pride myself, and think of myself as a man of faith… As there’s a drive into deep right field by Castellanos, and that’ll be a homerun. 4-0 Reds.

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The Jesster

About The Blogger:

Born in Hollywood, Florida, growing up the only local sports team that stuck was the Miami Dolphins. That fandom has taught me how to get my hopes up and how to be disappointed. Luckily, the abysmal Marlins never got my attention like the Boston Red Sox which did at least allow me to understand what winning felt like. Having spent time in Colorado and North Carolina as well, I have developed an eclectic base of knowledge that is perfect for trivia night and little else. The pandemic led me to get my M.B.A in data analytics and my interest in data led me to golf and golf gambling.

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About The Blogger:

  • My family hails from the magical land of upstate New York. I grew up with two brothers in the hay day of the 1990s-2000s Yankees dynasty, so we had it real good. We were obsessed with that team, and, at the same time, the steroids era was taking over the sports world, so it was so easy to fall in love with the game.
  • To make up for that happiness, for some reason my family is also Raiders fans for no reason that I’m aware of; that’s just how it’s been my whole life, and I never questioned it. I have, at some points, questioned whether it should be considered child abuse to raise a boy to be a fan of a franchise that continuously lets its fans down. I’m currently struggling with that demon as I have a little dude on the way in about one month. Though, I’m not sure to what extent I’m actually struggling since I already have a little Bo Jackson jersey and hoodie and silver and black onesies hanging in his closet.
  • I have an obsession with chicken wings: flats > drums and the true wing folk know that’s right.
  • I get the show.
  • I’m back to back to back to back pigskin pickem champ in my group, so, of course, I will provide unsolicited picks to do with however you wish. You should also expect some comedy, baseball, football, random rankings and lists, and Vegas food, drink, and Raiders commentary. I’m a PSL owner in section 440 at Allegiant, you should stop by and say whattup some time.

Just Win Baby.

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GoT Chubb

About The Blogger:

Growing up in New Jersey a lifelong Jets fan, Connor (‘GoT Chubb’) Hubschman is no stranger to suffering. He also knows what’s it’s like to be bullied by neighborhood kids whose Giants were in the process of winning two Super Bowls.

While not watching College football or the Jets, you can typically find GoT Chubb checking on his fantasy teams (all of which are named House Lannister), as well as feeding money back into his drained sports gambling accounts. Boasting a lifetime win percentage of 26%, “Inverse Connor” has been gaining steam to replace “Inverse Cramer” as one of the most reliable ways to earn a living in the year 2023.

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About The Blogger:

Rockies, Nuggets, Avalanche, Broncos ‘till I die. San Diego State grad – Go ‘Tecs. My whole world revolves around sports and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s party!

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Dr. P


Michael “Dr. P” Pietruszewski was born and raised in the great state of Minnesota. He decided to bring his “Minnesota Nice” to Boise, Idaho, where he currently resides. Dr. P was an NCAA athlete playing college baseball. Beyond sports, Dr. P is a licensed, practicing attorney who is licensed in Minnesota, Idaho, and Washington State.

As far as favorite sports teams go, Dr. P is a diehard St. Louis Cardinals fan — baseball is his favorite sport. He also is a fan of the Minnesota Vikings, Wild, and Timberwolves. He has had a rough go on the Minnesota teams. Keep Dr. P in your thoughts and prayers on that one.

Dr. P is committed to bringing you his hottest takes surrounding the game of baseball. Stay up to date on all of Loot Sports baseball content and join in our fun and wild community.

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