Wednesday’s Bet: The Professor

Record: 5-3-1, Streak: 0

Happy Humpday folks.

Today’s Lesson:

Don’t underestimate the importance of rest.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are on the back end of a long road trip after beating the Golden State Warriors last night. They head into Phoenix to play a Suns team that hasn’t played since Sunday. The Wolves look like a legitimate contender so far this year, while the Suns are searching for wins after being plagued by injury early in the season.

Bonus lesson: There’s only one ball.

Tonight is expected to be the Suns debut of their “Big 3”. I’m skeptical about how well 3 pure shooters are going to gel together, especially early on. I expect a lot of rust trying to figure out who gets the ball between Devin Booker, KD, and Bradley Beal on a possession by possession basis.

So with Minnesota having tired legs, and the Suns trying to figure things out on the fly, I think 224 combined points between the two teams is a lot.


Class is dismissed.

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