Sunday’s Bet: Mustache Man

Record: 2-5, Streak: L2

What can I do to get this thing turned around?

I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried gambling drunk, I’ve tried gambling sober, what else do the betting gods want from me?

Oh well, at least my other Gambling Buddies are doing well. My therapist told me it’s ok to feel good for my friends even if I’m struggling, and although I’m pretty sure my therapist is actively trying to ruin my financial future (I mostly talk to her about what to gamble on and her advice so far has been terrible), I’m going to listen to her on this one. Good job guys and gals, I’m happy for you.

Due to my drinking habits keeping my Sunday mornings unproductive, my only choice left is to bet on the Jets-Raiders game tonight. Gross.

The only way to make this game fun? Bet the Over.

OVER 35.5

Just call me the comeback kid, because this bet is hitting.

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