Friday’s Bet: Wiz Kid

Record: 4-5, Streak: L2

It’s Friday and Shoeless Jack won his bet last night! Hell yeah Jack! I know I was riding with him, were you?

Now it’s my turn to win, I need it. I’ve been streaky as hell this year and I want to get back in the green more often than not. Tonight we’ve got a lot of NBA action, so that’s where my money’s going this Friday.

Ultimate team destroyers James Harden and Kyrie Irving are facing off tonight in their new threads. In the most predictable storyline of all time, in turns out James Harden operating in the same offense as Russell Westbrook isn’t working too great. I think Westbrook forgot that Harden “is the system”. Yeah that team’s going to work out great. There’s no chance it completely blows up in their face. No chance.

Meanwhile, Kyrie and Luka are actually working pretty well together. There’s no defense being played, and it’s a lot of iso ball, but hey, it’s working. For now…

I’m taking the Mavericks to cover at home in what I think is a very low one point spread against the Clippers tonight.


No way I lose 3 in a row right?

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