Thursday’s Bet: Shoeless Jack

Record: 2-6-1, Streak: L2

Hey y’all! Thursday is here again, so time to make a pick!

I’ve been hearin’ through the pines the other Gambling Buddies feel bad for me…Don’t feel bad! Ol’ Shoeless Jack here has been poor all my life, so this ain’t nothin new! I never thought this would be some kinda get rich quick scheme or somethin’. I’m more reasonable than that! This has always been a get rich over time type of deal, and that’s fine with me!

Today I start gettin’ back on the right track.

Tonight we’ve got an all out brawl between the Panthers and Bears. Hey if this was a “scariest animal to have to deal with on your farm” contest, these two would be goin’ to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, that’s not how this football thing works and these two teams stink to the high heavens.

So instead of betting on the game line, I’ve got a prop to win us some loot.

O 62.5 Rush Yds

We’re winnin’ tonight. D’Onta’s got us!

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