Wednesday’s Bet: The Professor

Record: 5-3, Streak: L2

Happy Wednesday. Class is now in session.

Today’s Lesson:

Batman can survive, but will not thrive, without Robin.

As great of an individual talent Michael Jordan was, he did not start winning championships until the Bulls drafted Scottie Pippen. LeBron made “The Decision” that he couldn’t do it alone and decided to join a super-team. Kevin Durant did the same. The point is, no one is at their best without an elite second in command.

The Nuggets have started off this NBA season looking every bit like the defending champs. Unfortunately, Jamal Murray is out with a hamstring injury for the next few weeks. Although I don’t think there are very many teams in the league that can beat this Nuggets team even without Jamal Murray, I do think the Golden State Warriors are one of those teams. Steph Curry looks as good as ever, Chris Paul has revitalized their bench, and Draymond Green and Klay Thompson are doing their thing. Do I view the Warriors as a better team than the Nuggets? No. But tonight Golden State is healthy, and Denver is not.


Class is dismissed.

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