Tuesday’s Bet: Rocky

Record: 4-4, Streak: W2

I’m back on track baby! I’m not satisfied with 4-4, but Ill take it.

So many sports are going on right now, it’s so hard to choose what to gamble on! College basketball did just start up yesterday, so let’s do that!

Have you guys ever seen an anteater? Well feast your eyes on this:

Giant Anteaters at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

That’s quite literally the most grotesque creature I’ve ever seen. Look at this thing!

Why any school would want this to be their mascot is beyond me, but UC Irvine apparently thought so highly of this animal, they did just that.

For this reason, and others I won’t dive into at this time, I’ve fading the Anteaters of UC Irvine in their first bball game of the year.


Ride with me, or eat ants…Seems like an easy choice.

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