Friday’s Bet: Wiz Kid

Overall Record: 4-4, Streak: L1

Aww man, anyone else feel bad for poor Shoeless Jack? The guy can’t rub two nickels together to buy himself a pair of kicks, but somehow keeps losing money! He’ll turn it around…

Myself on the other hand, I was on a roll until last week. To be fair, last week was tough for all the Gambling Buddies. But I’m feeling good this Friday, so let’s get into it!

I was tempted to make another NBA pick, but last weeks loss lingered a bit and I’m a little scared of the hardwood at the moment. So back to the gridiron we go!

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Laramie, Wyoming in November, but I highly advise against it. If not having anything to do in that small cow-town wasn’t enough of a deterrent for you, maybe the fact that it always smells like cow poo and the constant 20 MPH winds will do it to ya. I was tempted to take the Under in the Wyoming-Colorado State game for exactly those reasons. But then I saw how much the Cowboys have been struggling as of late. My pick has changed to reflect that.


This is a rivalry game, and CSU has shown heart this season. I have them covering the spread in the Border War.

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