Wednesday’s Bet: The Professor

Overall Record: 5-2

Being the most senior of the Gambling Buddies, my experience is paying off. Andre and Rocky have started some good momentum this week and I plan to keep that going on my way to 6-2.

Today’s Lesson:

Teams with heart don’t quit.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are a Cinderella story. A negative run differential in the regular season transformed into a World Series run. Going into the World Series, everyone expected them to lose.

Well here they are, down 3-1 to the Texas Rangers with their season on the line. The D-Backs wouldn’t be in this situation if they didn’t have heart. If they didn’t have moxie. While I do believe the Rangers eventually close out this series, I don’t think Arizona will let that happen in 5 games.

Moneyline (-110)

Let’s ride the Gambling Buddies momentum into another winning bet!

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