Tuesday’s Bet: Rocky

Overall Record: 3-4

There ya go Andre! Finally putting one on the board for the Gambling Buddies! Thank goodness. The last one we were right on before that was…hmmm let me see…me!

The L.A. Clippers traded for James Harden today. So now the Clippers have Paul George, Kawhi Leanard, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden. Between the 4, let’s hope they can play a combined 82 games together! Jokes aside, I don’t see this working out for the Clipps. As they say in the biz, there’s only one ball.

Regardless, they’re getting the Orlando Magic on a the tail end of a back to back tonight and I think they Harden-less Clippers take care of business and cover.


It seems I’m the only Gambling Buddy you can trust right now. Ride with Rocky’s Lock of the Week and win some loot on this Tuesday.

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