Monday’s Bet: Andre

Overall Record: 4-2-1

Man, the Gambling Buddies have been taking a beating. I’m surprised #FadeTheGamblingBuddies isn’t trending on Twitter at this point.

But it’s your lucky day, because Andre is here to restore order.

I want to bet on the NBA, or the World Series, or the NHL, but nothing gets the people going more than the NFL, so we’re sticking with Monday Night Football for today’s bet. The line is also just too juicy for me to pass up.

The Lions only being 7 point favorites at home against a Raiders team that got killed by the Bears (with a backup QB no less) seems like easy money. Am I going crazy? Am I missing something? Maybe it’s the nostalgia about the Lions always being bad that has this line so low, but this isn’t your Lions team of years past. If the Bears with Tyson Bagent can put up 30 points on this Raiders defense, I can only imagine what the Lions will do to them.


If you fade me, I wouldn’t blame ya. But ride with me? We’ll be gambling buddies for life.

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