Sunday’s Bet: Mustache Man

Overall Record: 2-4-1

Wow, rough last week for the Gambling Buddies. Shoutout to Rocky, apparently that girl knows her basketball!

Last week was last week though, and we’re gonna turn this thing around! And while we’re in the midst of the best sports season there is, with so many options to choose from, it’s Sunday and we’re still gonna be betting some football (or foosball, as Shoeless Jack likes to say).

The OVER is always attractive. We wanna root for points, right? It’s fun! Today, I’m feelin’ frisky. I’m feelin’ the UNDER. I can’t explain the feeling, I just can feel it in my bones on one particular line this week…


Now with my 2-4-1 record, I wouldn’t blame ya if you fade me this week. Hell, I’d fade myself at this point if I was you.

Ride with Mustache Man at your own risk.

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