Wednesday’s Bet: The Professor

The NBA is back, so Wednesday’s class will focus on basketball.

Today’s Lesson:

First tests always feel more important than they are. In reality, the first test is just one of many chances to get to where you’re trying to get, whether that’s passing a class or winning a championship.

The Spurs are getting two first tests today. One, how their team performs in the first game of the new season. And two, and probably more importantly, how rookie phenom Victor Wembenyama performs in his first real NBA action. Wemby is the greatest singular talent I’ve ever witnessed enter the NBA. Yes, even better than LeBron. I can’t wait to see what this kid can become and I think he’s going to exceed the lofty expectations put on him from the very first jump ball.

OVER 17.5 Points

This kid is going to change the NBA. Let’s make some loot off of him until everybody else figures that out.

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