Tuesday’s Bet: Rocky

It’s Monday, and FINALLY it’s basketball season!

Like its really really basketball season, not the dumb preseason where the starters only play a half and don’t really try anyways. No, we’ve got real, meaningful basketball tonight and I’m beyond excited. I was so sick of betting on dumb baseball and college football games. This is my sport, and this is when you and I are going to start winning a lot of money together.

First, let’s get my biases out of the way so you and me are on the same page:

-LeBron’s a bitch. You want to be considered the best to ever do it yet you flop like a fish every time I watch you play? No thank you. Give me MJ all day.

-I LOVE Steph Curry

-The Warriors are my team, but I’ll throw the Nuggets a bone once in a while because of my affinity for Mustache Man 😉

That’s it, that’s all you need to know.

Back to today’s bet, because guess what ladies and gentlemen? It’s ring night for the Denver Nuggets as they face LeBitch and the Lakers. There’s going to be a lot of animosity in the building on the Lakers side because they’ve come up with a narrative that the Nuggets have disrespected them this offseason. In reality, none of the Nuggets players have said shit. Vic Lombardi, a Nuggets beat reporter and sideline reporter, called Mike Malone the “Lakers Daddy.” Classic LeBron and the Lakers playing the victim. Hey LeBron, AD, and Austin Reaves, you got swept last year by a better team. Get over it crybabies.

I think you already know what I’m putting my loot on tonight.


I don’t LOVE the line on this game, as I think it’ll probably be relatively close, but I have full belief the Nuggets will show out on the night they get their rings and the first championship banner in franchise history is raised to the rafters at Ball Arena.

Ride with Rocky’s Lock of the Week and bet on the Nuggs to cover tonight.

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