Friday’s Bet: Wiz Kid

The Gambling Buddies are on a roll! Winners of 5 of the last 6, and 7-2-1 in our last 10, we’re killin’ it! Except Rocky…sorry Rocky 🙁

So yeah there’s a lot of pressure to give you a winner today. But I’ve got what it takes to keep this winning going, so let’s do it!

The Astros are back ladies and gentlemen, and they have Kate Upton’s husband and one of the best pitchers to ever walk this earth on the mound tonight in Game 5 against the Texas Rangers. Justin Verlander is no stranger to big games and I think he’s going to shut down a terrific Rangers lineup tonight.

The Professor gave you an underdog pick that hit on Wednesday, so I’m going to give you a slight favorite to win tonight.

-105 (Moneyline)

Ride with me and let’s get that beer money headed into the weekend!

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