Thursday’s Bet: Shoeless Jack

Howdy y’all! Thursday’s here again, and Jack’s got you covered like overalls!

My feet be hurtin’ today and I’m so certain about this bet Imma give you right here I don’t wanna waste no more time gettin’ into it.

Obviously we’re gonna be bettin’ on Thursday Night Foosball tonight. We got the Jaguars, like the car, facin’ the Saints, like my momma, and I just feel a tidal wave of points in my bones. Nothin’ better to do on a Thursday than root for touchdowns with your boy Shoeless Jack! So that’s exactly what we’re gonna be doin.


Now this here line might change when they announce if that lady lookin’ QB of the Jags is gonna play tonight or not, but I say get the bets in now cuz that lady fella is gonna play!

Ride with me! We’re gonna win this one!

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Let’s ride:

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