Tuesday’s Bet: Rocky

The Gambling Buddies are on a roll!

The last GB to lose was…unfortunately me. So this week, I’m getting serious. If Mustache Man can do it, anyone can! JK Mustache Man 😉

No #FadeTheBirds today. No baseball. No hockey. I’m going to bet on something I truly care about.

Preseason Basketball!

Well, maybe not preseason, but your girl Rocky definitely loves her bball.

I don’t even know if the best basketball player in the world will play tonight. Or the biggest playoff riser in NBA history. I don’t know who’s going to play in this game, but I do know my boy Bizzy Bones will be out for revenge against his former team. On offense at least…On defense…not so much. Sorry Bones!

Tonight I’m betting on points.

OVER 223

You know I had to put the Nuggets in gold after that championship run 😉

You gonna ride with Rocky’s Lock of the Week? Do it!

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