Monday’s Bet: Andre

Mustache Man started this week with a W, so let’s continue that trend and start stacking some Loot.

If anyone thinks I’m giving you a pick for anything but Monday Night Football, you clearly don’t know me well enough yet. Baseball playoffs are obviously unpredictable, so is the NHL, and NBA preseason is just that – The preseason. So let’s stick to our bread and butter and bet on this Cowboys-Chargers matchup, shall we?

So the Cowboys heading to L.A. to face the Chargers means one thing. The Cowboys are playing a home game tonight. If that stadium isn’t at least 80% Cowboys fans, I’ll be shocked. So with that in mind, what’s the spread you’d put on this game if it were in Dallas? 4.5? 5.5?

The Chargers have only been in close games this year. They’ve landed at 2-2 and their season could go one of two ways. Tonight, I think they’re going to fall behind the 8-ball against a very good Cowboys defense. Herbert’s not saving this team tonight.


I’ll be honest, I hate having to pick the Cowboys, but this line is too juicy not to. Ride with your boy Andre and we’ll get rich together. Trust.

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