Thursday’s Bet: Shoeless Jack

Yippee Ki-Yay mother f’ers, it’s Thursday! And that means we get some good ol’ fashion foosball tonight! Let’s get into it.

Broncos are a hard horse to ride, let me tell ya. Both the real ones, who are vicious creatures, and this here football team that looks like they don’t know the difference between football and that other kind of football where they’re kickin’ and screamin’ all over the place.

Now there ain’t many fellas ol’ Shoeless Jack here wouldn’t wanna have a beer with, but this Russell Wilson guy seems like biggest stick in the mud I’ve ever laid my eyes and ears on. His wife Ciara on the other hand is someone I’d spend a pretty penny on. How a man like that ends up with a woman like that is beyond me, and that’s probably why I haven’t had no luck in the lady department all these years. I can’t figure them gals out!

The Chiefs scare me. Their quarterback sounds like that Kermit fella on the TV, and their tight end Kelce is dating this blonde haired chick I never heard of, but everyone seems to be goin head over toes for these days. I don’t like them shiny blonde women myself. I like knowin’ a girl can get some mud in her toes without throwin’ a fit. But again, ol’ Shoeless Jack here ain’t gonna act like I know what’s best. I’d settle for the Kermit fellas wife at this point, and that’s sayin’ somethin’, cuz she ain’t no daisy I’d pick out of a bunch, that’s for darn sure.

Anyways, I’m takin’ these Chiefs to cover even though the spread is damn near two tuddies.


Ride with me, I need this one! I can’t stay shoeless forever, these toes be gettin’ cold!

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Let’s ride:

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