Tuesday’s Bet: Rocky

I’m going to switch it up today for Rocky’s Lock of the Week.

Did you know there’s football on today? A Tuesday? How lucky am I?

While I was looking at the Liberty @ Jacksonville State matchup, I saw both schools have birds as mascots…What’s wrong with people? Jacksonville State are the Gamecocks, which I had to look up, and let me tell ya, Gamecocks are the grossest looking creatures I’ve ever laid these sweet eyes on. Then I looked up Liberty’s mascot, which is the Flames, but represented by a bird for some reason. This is what the old Google machine told me:

“In 1980, the eagle was designated as the new Flames mascot because of the patriotic symbolism connected with the school’s name. The original mascot renderings had a flaming torch clutched in the Eagle’s left talon. The first mascot was named LU (pronounced “Lou”). The Liberty mascot was later renamed “Sparky” to match the “Flames” theme.

Sparky’s appearance has evolved over the years. Sparky was originally tall and thin with chicken legs, a small head and an angry face. In the early 2000’s, Sparky was more rotund with a happy face, making him appear friendlier to children.”


Despite my disgust for the Gamecocks, I can’t ignore the disrespectful line they put on this game in favor of Libery (albeit they ARE undefeated). So no, I won’t #FadeTheBirds today.


#RideTheBirds and #FadeTheBirds at the same time with me today.

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