Sunday’s Bet: Mustache Man

Mustache Man is officially depressed.


That’s what I’ve put on the table so far giving you gambling picks.

#FadeMustacheMan is trending on Twitter.

The world feels like it’s coming to an end.

But you know the best part about the Gambling Buddies? We always have another. Another hypothetical winner to serve you. Fade us or ride with us, we’re here for you every day. If you want to take The Professor’s lesson and ride the hot hand, fade me this week. Listen, I want you to make money first and foremost. This isn’t about Mustache Man. This is about you.

With that being said, I’m dead broke right now and need to start winning some of these godforsaken bets. Speaking of the heavens, the Saints caught my eye this beautiful Sunday. New Orleans has no business being underdogs to the Patriots, even in New England against the devil himself, Bill Belichick.


#RideWithMustacheMan #ItsFuniPromise

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