Saturday’s Bet: Sophie

It’s Saturday and today let’s collectively agree to live our best lives! ❤️

You know how we can do that to the absolute max? Win soon loot betting on college football 🏈

So while you’re sipping your Aperol Spritz or shotgunning your next Coors Light on your way into your favorite bar, stadium, or friends house, you can party with a clear mind knowing I’m giving you an absolute winner of a pick this AM.

So ya know how those pesky Buffs from Boulder nearly came back and beat Caleb Williams and USC? (You’re welcome for picking the OVER on that one 😏)

Yeah, so those same Buffs are only 3.5 points favorites against an Arizona State team that lost 29-0 at home against Fresno State, barely squeaked one out against Southern Utah, and got killed by that very same USC team we just spoke about.

With that being said…

CU Buffs


Happy gambling folks. Sophie’s Choice will never let ya down 😉

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