Thursday’s Bet: Shoeless Jack

It’s Thursday!

Didn’t think I knew how to do these Giffy things, did ya? Well you’re right…I had my momma show me this time how to do this movin’ picture, funny caption thingy. It’s cool, right?!?

Anyways, more important, I have my weekly bet today!

This Giffy thing is fun!

Tonight we got the Bears visitin’ the Commanders. Now Bears are scary, I ain’t gonna lie…but so are Commanders…I don’t want no one commandin’ me around, tellin’ me what to do.

But the Bears have a big ol’ goose egg in the win column this season, and I don’t see that changin’ against the Commanders. I’ve been watchin’ highlights of Washington’s defensive line, and let me tell ya, they look like the ones who are ferocious bears. Meanwhile, the Bears offensive line looks like my momma tryin’ to wrangle me to do some chores after I got a couple Mountain Dew’s in me (no offense to momma Jack).

With that bein’ said…


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