Sunday’s Bet: Mustache Man

Last week was rough. I dropped the ball, but I made a promise to myself to shake it off and get back to the grind to give you guys a winning pick. So let’s win some loot together tonight, shall we?

I was enchanted by this matchup when the NFL schedule first came out, and despite there not being any bad blood between the two teams, the Jets and Chiefs seemed like a good matchup on paper. In my wildest dreams I didn’t think Aaron Rodgers would be wearing a different jersey in his career, and while it’s still a green jersey and not, I don’t know, red or something, it was still kind of shocking to see. But we know all too well what happened to Rodgers, and unfortunately we’re robbed of a great QB matchup tonight. And no Jets fans, A-Rod isn’t coming in on his white horse any time soon to save your guys’ season.

Everything has changed since I was 22. Back then, the Broncos were good and the Chiefs didn’t have Patrick Mahomes. A simpler world. A better world. Even when I think back to December of last year, there seemed to be more hope in Broncos Country. But they are still mine, so I have to support them forever and always.

Anyways, back to my pick. Now I don’t want you guys to take this pick the wrong way. There’s not a love story or something brewing Mustache Man and Kansas City. I just know a juggernaut when I see one. So if Broncos fans thought this was a cruel Summer after the Chiefs won another Super Bowl this last year, I’m afraid there may be many more cruel summers on the horizon because this Chiefs team isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Now I find myself putting my hard earned loot on a team I hate. Broncos, look what you made me do…


Despite my resentment towards the team I’m betting on, I’m feeling fearless about this pick. You belong with me on this ride to win some loot.

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