Friday’s Bet: Wiz Kid

Happy Friday!

The buddies are down bad right now (besides The Professor). Hey, just because we’re your buddies doesn’t mean you can’t fade our picks! Just food for thought…

With that being said, I’m going to continue to give it my best shot. Since things haven’t been going my way, I’m going to gamble on a toss-up. Fuck it. I hope my mom doesn’t read this…the F word is a big no-no for her. But ya know what Mom? I’m 21 now! I can do and say what I want! Sorry, I’m a bit feisty this Friday morning…obviously.

The toss-up in question?

Cincinnati @ BYU

Both quality football programs. Both tough teams to figure out. My head is telling me Cincinnati, but my gut is telling me BYU. I haven’t had a ton of luck betting with my head, so let’s go with the gut!


Those Mormons are going to cover, I can feel it!

Ride with me, or don’t…Ya know what? It’s probably a better idea to fade me at this point.

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