Thursday’s Bet: Shoeless Jack

It’s Thursday again! You’re buddy Jack is here, and I am at your service!

The NFL has put me down 2 times in the past 3 weeks and I’m just plain sick of it! Anyone else? We’ve got grown men puttin’ these pads on and tellin’ themselves, “How am I gonna screw over Shoeless Jack today?” It ain’t right!

So today I’m ridin’ with some young college bucks. These boys got a lot more on their mind than how to screw over Shoeless Jack! They got school to worry about, girls to think about, and a green field to run up and down.

God help me figure out where the middle of Tennessee is, but I have a better chance of figurin’ that out that figurin’ out where Western Kentucky is! I ain’t never have been good with direction…

I’m takin’ Middle Tennessee to cover against Western Kentucky!


Ride with me to the middle of Tennessee, Shoeless Jack ain’t losin’ this week!

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