Wednesday’s Bet: The Professor

Happy Wednesday!

Unfortunately for my other buddies, but fortunately for me, I am the last one standing who hasn’t lost a bet. So don’t miss out on what I have dialed up today!

Today’s Lesson:

Not every day will feel like it matters. Just like not every game in a long season will feel like it matters. This is simply not true. No matter what your occupation or purpose in life, every day is a chance to get better at whatever you do. Are you in sales and your job is to make 100 cold calls every day? No, you may not have gotten any meetings today, but you eliminated 100 prospects that aren’t ready to meet at this moment in time, making your odds better tomorrow. Are you a scientist and your job is to experiment on various different theories? If you didn’t solve anything today, at least you eliminated what doesn’t work because you put in a hard days work. Whatever you do, work hard at it, because you don’t know when/where things are going to break your way.

Today’s bet is going to be on preseason hockey. While these games may not seem to matter, it’s a chance for these men to get better. Or for a young prospect to improve his chances of making the team. Or for a coach to have a better understanding of what his rotations will be during the regular season.

While the Vegas Golden Knights are still flying high off their Stanley Cup Championship last year, the LA Kings are trying to find ways to get better.


Today matters. Ride with me.

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