Tuesday’s Bet: Rocky

It’s Tuesday again? I guess it’s time for Rocky’s lock of the week!

Betting on the WNBA didn’t go well for me last week. Turns out those ladies can get buckets!

So I’m going back to my old tried and true – baseball.

Every where I look to gamble, all I see are birds. Birds, birds, birds. Eagles, Blue Jays, Seahawks, Falcons, Orioles, etc…It goes on and on! Why do sports love birds so much?!?! It’s the worst.

Well I’m taking a stand. No bird bets for me. If you like birds, prepare to gamble against them. You can either watch those gross things fly away, or you can fly away with me with loot in your pocket. The choice is yours. #fadethebirds

Today, I’ve got the Milwaukee Brewers over the St. Louis Cardinals (gross).


Ride with your girl Rocky, your bank account will thank you.

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