Here’s a list of teams in the AFC who currently have a better QB situation than the Denver Broncos.

-Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes

-Chargers: Justin Herbert

-Dolphins: Tua Tagovailoa

-Bills: Josh Allen

-Bengals: Joe Burrow

-Ravens: Lamar Jackson

-Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence

That doesn’t include the Colts and Texans who have rookie QB’s that look incredibly promising. Or the Patriots and Steelers with young guys Mac Jones and Kenny Picket. Or the Raiders with Jimmy G, who if you might remember, beat the Broncos in Week 1. Every one of these teams has an argument that they would take their QB situation over what the Broncos have with Russell Wilson.

And that’s just the AFC…

Not to mention the fact that the Broncos just gave up 70 points (!!!) in one game.


It’s time to cut the shit. This team needs a complete teardown and rebuild. Trade anyone you can not named Patrick Surtain. Hey that rhymed… Anyways, the point stands.

Blow it the fuck up.

The Broncos aren’t winning the Super Bowl this year. Hell, it’d be a minor miracle if they won more than 5 games. So why not go for broke? Get the draft picks back that you traded for a washed up Russell Wilson and an overly cocky Sean Payton. While you’re at it, fire Vance Joseph. How that man still has a job this Monday is beyond me.

This roster needs new pieces all across the board. The team has been spouting to the media how talented this roster is when healthy. Time to cut the bullshit. This team is mostly healthy and they just lost by 50 points to a Dolphins team that didn’t even have their second best weapon in Jaylen Waddle.

Which brings me to my point.

There is a generational talent entering the NFL Draft next year by the name of Caleb Williams. Guys like this don’t pop up every year. This kid can change a franchise.

So what’s it going to be Broncos? Continue to operate in mediocrity in a division featuring Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert? Or actually admit your mistakes and go for the best possible path forward in tanking for the #1 pick?

Denver, stop fooling yourselves.


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