Friday’s Bet: Wiz Kid

0-2. Yikes.

I want to apologize to all of that have trusted me with your gambling money. I’ve failed you thus far. But what better way to turn it around than betting on some Friday Night Lights – Mountain West edition.

Looking at Boise State’s two losses, you might think they’re in for a rough year, but I watched the game against Washington, and despite the lopsided score, I thought the Broncos competed. Playing arguably the best team in college football, Boise didn’t threaten for an upset, but they had their moments. The next weeks loss against UCF was tough to swallow, especially at home, but UCF is a solid program, in a Power 5 conference, who happened to come out on top that day.

On the other hand, San Diego State has looked un-San Diego State-like so far this year. The Aztecs barely squeezed out wins against Ohio and Idaho State, and lost handily to two good Pac-12 teams in Oregon State and UCLA. SDSU’s offense has been concerning, and they’re running into a pretty good Boise State defense this week.

For those reasons, I’m taking Boise State to cover on the road.


My only grievance when watching this game is that it won’t be on Boise State’s majestic blue turf.

Ride with me tonight to San Diego, it’s a short drive to Vegas after the game to collect our loot.

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