Tuesday’s Bet: Rocky

It’s Rocky Tuesday again people! I won you some loot last week and I’m going to win you more loot today. All you have to do is trust me.

I miss basketball…

Doesn’t it seem like forever ago that Jokic and the boys secured their first ever championship back in June? Now we have to wait another month until the NBA starts back up? Unfair!

Fortunately, girls can hoop too! No they can’t dunk, and no I can’t name a single WNBA player, but it doesn’t matter because we can bet on it! After all, that is the most important aspect of any sport, right?

Anyways, I tried throwing my socks in the hamper last night and only made one of two. So the thought of these ladies putting up over 170 points in a single WNBA game is hard to fathom. Therefore…

Rocky’s Lock of the Day:

UNDER 170.5

Ride the under with me, you won’t be disappointed.

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