Sunday’s Bet: Mustache Man

Hey Sophie, you’re still my buddy obviously, but if you’re gonna call me out, at least give the people a winner!

Anyways, Mustache Man is hungover on this football Sunday. I won’t go into specifics, but some game went way past Prime Time last night and past my bedtime. The result of the game is insignificant.

Let me make it up to you guys by giving you a winner. Prop bets aren’t normally my jam, but when there’s free money on the board, I’ve got to take it:

The Dolphins offense is prolific, and they have some playmakers on defense, but those boys gave up 233 rushing yards last week to the Chargers, and the Patriots need to establish a ground game on Sunday Night Football if they want a chance at winning this one.

Ride with me, I feel good about this one.

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Let’s ride:

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