Friday’s Bet: Wiz Kid

Happy Friday!

So last week didn’t go great, I’ll be the first to admit it. But the good news is the rest of my Gambling Buddies have been killing it. 4 days in a row of winning some loot! We’re streaking! Shoeless Jack basing his bets off how far he can “hock a loogy” is a bit concerning, but hey, the guy’s a winner, so you can’t knock him too much.

This week, I’m cooling off baseball and going to get in on this football party. Mid-major football is my jam, so I’m excited to bet on a Mountain West matchup!

As much as I like and respect Air Force, and the ground and pound style of offense, spotting the Falcons 9 points seems a little much for this in-conference rivalry. Utah State hung tough with a ranked Iowa squad in Week 1, and took care of business last week against an inferior Idaho State team.

My Friday Bet:


Statistically, it makes sense to ride with me this week…Just sayin’

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