Enjoy Your 15 Minutes of Fame, Buffs. Deion Sanders Has Greener Pastures

Deion’s cool, I admit it.

Probably the coolest guy ever, if we’re being honest.

At least on the Mount Rushmore of “Cool Guys.”

Mount Rushmore of Cool Guys

Snoop Dogg

Deion Sanders

Brad Pitt

Samuel L. Jackson

I don’t even think that list is disputable. I think that’s just a known truth that everyone happens to agree on.

So yes, Deion has been the best thing to ever happen to the University of Colorado. And yes, Deion is cool and has style, both in the way he talks, and the way he walks. Bottom line, Deion Sanders is a modern day…well…Deion Sanders. This man has been this way for decades.

All I have to say is this:

Enjoy it while it lasts Buffs, Deion has greener pastures.

Every school in the country is watching what Deion is doing to completely change the course of a football program. If Deion just continues doing what he’s done his whole life, he’s going to have any job he wants.

And I’m sorry Buffs, that job’s not in Colorado.

So sure, you’ll have memories. Possibly for 1, maybe 2 more years. But it will end. And when it does, CU will go back to being an irrelevant program filled with bandwagon douchebags.

Was that too harsh?

Aww, are you going to SKO home and cry to your mommy?


Shoot, I’ve lost the plot…

Anyways, CSU’s coach said something yesterday.

Whatever, no ones talking about it.

I don’t know why I brought it up.

Go Rams.

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