Thursday’s Bet: Shoeless Jack

It’s Thursday again?!? What a time to be alive!

We got the boys tossin’ around this pigskin again tonight and I get to put some loot on it? How lucky am I!

See, I’m lookin’ at this Vikings-Eagles line, but I can’t stop thinkin’ about this big ol’ loogy I hocked this mornin’…You wouldn’t have believed this thing! Must’ve traveled 45, 50 yards, if you’d given me a buck to guess!

Wait, what am I seein’ here? There’s a good ol’ boy named T.J. HOCKenson on the Vikings? And the line on his receiving yards is 48.5? Well I’d be sellin’ myself short if I said that loogy I hocked this mornin’ didn’t go 50 yards… It’s like the gamblin’ gods are telliin’ me something! We’re goin with the over!

Over 48.5 REC YDS

Ride with your boy! We’re winnin’ this one!

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