Saturday’s Bet: Sophie

Happy Saturday y’all!

My name is Sophie, better known as the patron saint of womansplaining college football (it’s like mansplaining but way more fun b/c fuck the patriarchy).

The Buffs went from being the worst team in college football last year, to a CONTENDER! I’m thinking Deion may know what he’s doing on a football field…

Because let’s be honest, Ralphie was the only one running more than 5 yards at any given time last year. (Ralphie is a girl btw 😘)

Now? Energy will be sky high for their first home game of the season. Colorado are 3 point favorites, and I’m confident this team will keep putting up points with Sanders and Hunter (BESTIES 🫶🫶🫶) at the helm.

Nebraska’s offense struggled to finish their final drive against Minnesota last weekend, resulting in the L. I wouldn’t be surprised if this game results in a blowout.

The Pac-12 remains undefeated so far this season and the Buffs aren’t breaking that streak. Not after last week. CU will cover against Nebraska.

Some will call this pick Sophie’s Choice. I call it a guaranteed winner😉

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