Introducing the Gambling Buddies

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Damn, I wish I had someone to gamble on sports with. Someone I could ride or die with. Someone I could trust.”

Two words – Problem solved.

Introducing the Gambling Buddies:

Mustache Man is the leader of the Gambling Buddies. He’s cool and confident. Mustache Man always wears sunglasses because he can. If you’re betting on a Sunday and aren’t riding with Mustache Man, you’re missing out.

Mustache Man plays the people’s favorites:






He’s the ultimate gambling buddy. Everyone wants to win some loot with him by your side.

Mustache Man is your Sunday bet.

Andre is Mustache Man’s right hand man. He’s as cool as can be. You can trust Andre. Everybody can trust Andre. 

Andre loves betting on football and basketball, but he also has a fascination in bar games like cornhole and darts (Andre loves betting on darts).

He’s the best buddy there is. You know you wanna ride with him.

Andre is your Monday bet.

Rocky’s a lock, if you want to win some loot. Rocky’s lock of the day is what gets the people going on a Tuesday.

Rocky likes basketball and soccer. She likes tennis too, but never gets to bet on it because she falls on a Tuesday 🙁 But that’s OK! Because Rocky likes baseball and hockey too!

She’s as steady as they come. She’s your rock.

Rocky is your Tuesday bet.

Every Wednesday, The Professor is teaching a lesson. A lesson in how to make money betting on sports. He’s the best teacher you’ve ever had. Listen to The Professor and your pockets will grow fat.

The Professor likes any sport that falls on a Wednesday, but baseball is his favorite. The Professor is obsessed with baseball.

His eternal wisdom is what you need in the middle of the week.

The Professor is your Wednesday bet.

Shoeless Jack is your favorite hillbilly. He has less teeth than he does toes. Shoeless Jack is the nicest guy you’ve ever met. You want the man to do well in life. You root for Shoeless Jack. 

Shoeless Jack loves anything he can put his loot on. During football season, forget about it. He’s betting Thursday Night Football and MACtion all day baby!

During the parts of the year without football? Your guess is as good as mine. Shoeless Jack doesn’t even know what he’s betting on until he forgets to put his shoes on in the morning.

He’s who you want to win most.

Shoeless Jack is your Thursday bet.

The Wiz Kid is a genius. He finished high school when he was 14 and college at 16. At the ripe betting age of 21, the Wiz Kid can’t wait to start winning loads of cash. Your Friday’s have never been better than when you’re gambling on sports with the Wiz Kid.

The Wiz Kid bets on everything. He knows everything about everything. The Wiz Kid isn’t a know-it-all, but he does, in fact, know it all.

He is everyone’s little brother.

The Wiz Kid is your Friday bet.

Sophie is your All-American girl. She’s pretty and kind and someone everyone gets along with. Sophie is a keeper.

But don’t get it twisted, Sophie knows her sports. If you don’t think so, have fun not winning some major loot. Everyone wants to win some loot with Sophie by their side.

Sophie loves her NCAAF and NCAAM. Sophie’s choice is always the one you wanna go with. 

She’s the best, but more importantly, she knows best.

Sophie is your Saturday bet.


The Jester is a clown. He steals the other characters days when he feels like it. There’s nothing you can do because The Jester is what gets the people going. There’s no better feeling than winning with The Jester.

But don’t try and guess what The Jester will do. It’s a mystery.

He plays whenever he feels like it.

The Jester is your Wild Card bet.

Thirillhouse, like The Jester, plays whenever he wants. But Thrillhouse wants it to have stakes. He wants to go big. You’re not getting a meaningless bet when Thrillhouse wants to play. And you wanna play right along with him.

Go big or go home when Thrillhouse wants to put his loot on something.

He also plays whenever he feels like it.

Thrillhouse is your other Wild Card bet.

Want to stay connected with your new Gambling Buddies?

Let’s ride:

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