Ok Fine…Let’s Talk about Deion Sanders At Colorado

I’ve avoided this like the plague.

I don’t like it, not one bit.

Coolest guy ever, “Prime Time”, is the head football coach at the University of Colorado.

But you knew that already…

CU being good at football is literally the worst thing that could happen to a CSU fan. So while I love the Rams new(ish) head coach, Jay Norvell…

My only hope as a Colorado State alum is that Deion does so well at CU, that a Big Ten or SEC school offers him a job within his first couple of years in Boulder.

Deion is the Snoop Dogg of college football.

It makes me want to puke, if I’m being honest.

I mean it’s impossible to hate the guy. (Ignore the title of this video, it’s click bait)

(I’m a big speech guy)

Jay Norvell is cool. But he’s no Deion Sanders.

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Deion is the best cornerback who ever lived. Shit, he’s one of the best athletes of all time. The only way Deion fails at Colorado is if the aura of douchyness that runs through Boulder like wildfire is too much for him to deal with.

Of course, Deion’s being Deion, and giving CU brand exposure all over the country.

He’s choppin it up with Pat McAfee on “The Pat McAfee show.”

He’s reppin’ CU on CBS Mornings.

Deion is showing fuckin’ Lil Wayne the football facilities.

I mean what the fuck. This guy’s all over the goddamn place.

Deion is recruiting guys who have offers from Alabama and Georgia. He snagged the top cornerback prospects in 2022 and 2023.

All Deion has to do to recruit these guys is to sit down in their families living rooms, give that big Deion Sanders smile, and say, “You wanna learn from the best, kid?”

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So let’s see what happens to these boys against TCU. Loot Sports likes a large bet on CU covering the 21.5 point spread and a small bet on CU winning the game 👀

Oh yeah, and heavy loot on CSU covering the 11 point spread against Washington State.

Go Rams.

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