It’s Time

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It’s time.

More specifically, it’s the Denver Nuggets time.

Us fans have waited over two years for this moment.

The bubble gave us a glimpse into the future of what this team could be.

The Aaron Gordon trade made us believe we could be the best team in basketball.

The Jamal Murray injury devastated us.

MPJ’s third back surgery did the same.

We witnessed the evolution of Nikola Jokic, transforming into the best player in the world.

We saw the Nuggets front office pull all the right strings, surrounding the Serbian Savant with the perfect combination of role players.

Which happened to coincide with the return of our core finally being healthy.

We fought tooth and nail against the ignorance and stupidity of the national media.

We overcame the demons that have handicapped the Nuggets for decades.

And now, finally, the Denver Nuggets play at home in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, one win away from becoming champions.

Soak it in.

Embrace it.

Because tonight, the City of Denver, and the fans that have been on this journey from the very start, are going to witness the accomplishment of the final step in this incredible journey.

Tonight, the Denver Nuggets will become NBA champions.

It’s time.


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