“The Jokic”

This shot will forever and always be known as “The Jokic.”

Kids growing up in Colorado will try this shot over and over again. They’ll count down the imaginary clock to themselves, put the ball behind their head, chuck the ball towards the basket two handed, and yell “Jokic!”

No longer will Rocky Mountain raised children shout “Kobe” when attempting the game winning shot in their backyard. No longer will a LAKER be the one they emulate.

“The Jokic” will be here forever. When you tell your kids about the Denver Nuggets first championship (yes, the first. This team is built for multiple), you will talk about the time one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA pulled out “The Jokic”, to will his team to the greatest victory up to that point in franchise history.

Others will try “The Jokic”, most will fail.

But that will add to the legend of “The Jokic”. A shot so difficult, only the man himself could possibly make it look so easy.

So easy, and so nice, “The Jokic” wasn’t done once, but twice.

Nay! Thrice!

What more is there to say?

Other than to continue this rhyme.

“The Jokic” won the game,

And will stand the test of time.


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