Keep Crying Laker Fans, Your Tears Taste Delicious

Being in the second biggest market in the U.S., Los Angeles teams get an abundance of attention from the national media. The Nuggets go up 3-0 on the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals? Literal headline on ESPN today, 5/21/23:

Lakers outshined again in clutch, face 3-0 deficit“.

It’s always about the Lakers.

The Lakers lose on a bad call? Just like every other team in the NBA does at some point?

LeBron throws a literal temper tantrum…

Despite a very clear effort from the NBA over the years of giving the Lakers every goddamn call in their favor.

*Cough* 2003 Kings/Lakers Western Conference Finals *Cough*.

Not to mention the insane free throw disparity these Lakers have gotten the benefit of all year.

Or last night.

But forget the media for a second. Even forget the Lakers players, like LeBron and AD, who are insufferable. Or the refs, who make their bias for the Lakers so obvious sometimes, a non-conspiracy theorist can be converted.

Let’s talk about why it’s so fun when your team kicks the shit out of the Lakers.

It’s because L.A. fans are the fuckin WORST.

Not only are they bandwagon fans…

They’re also delusional.

Yeah dude, you found the one thing no NBA coach or player has ever discovered about stopping Jamal Murray.


The Lakers were down 2-0, and their fans were taking que’s from the literal scum of the earth, Nick Wright.

Yes, it’s the Nuggets who should be concerned after going up 2-0 in the series…

Shut the fuck up hair plug Nick.

Sorry but this is no longer about the Lakers. It never was, and it never should have been.

This is about the “monster in the Rocky Mountains.”

This is about the team up 3-0 in the Western Conference Finals.

This is about the motherfuckin Denver Nuggets.

So yes, keep crying Laker fans.

Your tears taste delicious.


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