LeBron’s Back On His Bullshit

Yes, I realize I’m writing two flopping articles in a row.

I don’t care.

Why? Because Lebron’s back on his bullshit.

Seriously, does LeBron not know the internet exists?

What are we doing here? Like does he actually believe what he’s saying? Is he really that delusional?

Not only are you one of the biggest floppers in the NBA, LeBron, but so is your “superstar” teammate. So much so that 5’11, 194 pound Facundo Campazzo looked like a 500 pound Argentinian bull.

A few weeks back I wrote an article praising LeBron for actually being a real person for once.

No more.

Lying LeBron is back. And that should surprise absolutely no one.

Go Nuggs.


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