Chris Paul Has Made An Enormous Impact On The Entire Phoenix Suns Organization

Say what you want about Chris Paul:

  • One of the best point guards of all time
  • Raises the expectations of whatever team he’s on
  • Makes his teammates better

But the lasting impact Chris Paul will have made by the time his NBA career his over?

The greatest flop artist of our generation.

Paul is graceful in his flopping. Unapologetic and unafraid of the outside noise. CP3 is similar to a salmon swimming upstream, stimulated by the smell of fresh water, migrating home to a place where flopping is not only accepted, but encouraged.

The unforeseen in life is often the most beautiful, and that certainly applies to how gracefully Chris Paul has lent his talent for flopping to his teammates.

If Chris Paul is a salmon swimming upstream, Devin Booker is a majestic bull elk, bugling in the night, trying to attract a Kardashian, any Kardashian, back his humble abode.

But not only has Paul offered to mentor his teammates on the beauty and effectiveness of the flop, he has unselfishly lent his hand to the ones at the very top of the organization.

I present to you, Suns Owner, Mat Ishbia:

A true masterclass. Even Mr. Flop himself, Chris Paul, was proud.

So again, say what you will about Chris Paul:

  • He cheats the game
  • He crumbles under pressure in the most important games of his life
  • Not one teammate has ever liked playing with him

But don’t you dare say this man can’t flop with the best of the all time greats. From European soccer stars to James Harden and Joel Embiid, Chris Paul sits on the Mr. Rushmore of flopping.

So Mat Ishbia? You’re on your way kid.

I just have one suggestion:

As majority owner of the Suns, sign Chris Paul to an extension immediately. His mere presence will take your flopping game to the next level.

Just try being a little less dramatic next time.


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