Nuggs In 7

The Denver Nuggets obviously have demons they need to exercise. Most notably?

This fuckin guy:

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The “Suns in 4” guy becoming a thing sucked for many reasons. For one, he was right. The Suns ended up winning that series in 4 games. Additionally, the guy he was beating the shit out of looked like this:

Nuggets Fan Wants Rematch With "Suns in 4" Guy | Westword

What are the odds all 3 of those watches have the wrong time on them? -10000? I don’t care how little the payout is, I’ll be putting all the Loot in my bank account on those odds.

The point is, a guy representing the 2nd douchiest fanbase (Lakers fans, duh) this side of the Mississippi ended up looking like the cool guy, and Nuggets fans were left with this guy who clearly doesn’t know what time it is.

Fortunately, for the Nuggets and their fans, things have changed.

Look at the guys who played the most minutes in that 2021 series:

Of the top 7 guys who got minutes in that series besides Jokic…

-MPJ played the second most minutes in that series. He was 22, playing through what we now know was a back injury he eventually needed surgery on, and was significantly worse on defense than he is now.

-Aaron Gordon didn’t have nearly the chemistry with Jokic he has now.

-Monte Morris was a backup point guard forced to start because of the Jamal Murray injury.

-Facundo Campazzo couldn’t even make an NBA roster this year…

-Austin Rivers barely got minutes for a Minnesota Timberwolves team that barely made the playoffs.

-And Will Barton was coming off a serious injury to play in that series. Barton was one of the worst rotation players in the NBA this season.

Shit, Markus Howard and Shaquille Harrison played meaningful minutes.

Compare that to THIS years squad:

And it’s essentially a completely different team.

So yes, the Suns got KD. And yes, Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, and the core of that team now have deep playoff experience.

So what.

The Suns lack depth, Chris Paul is an old man who flops like a salmon swimming upstream, and Nikola Jokic has officially figured out Deandre Ayton since that 2021 series.

Plus, the Nuggets have home court.

So “Suns in 4” guy?

Go fuck yourself buddy.

Nuggs in 7 baby.


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