Sit The Fuck Down Draymond Green

For years Draymond Green has drawn the same sentiment from non-Warriors fans – “I hate facing him, but I’d love if he was on my team.”

Honestly, fuck that.

Draymond Green is an idiot.

The dude literally cost his team a championship in 2016 for slapping LeBron’s balls and has only become more of an asshole since.

This whole sequence was cringe to watch:

Hey Draymond, you’re not in the WWE, you’re actively costing your team one, maybe two playoff games.

And it’s not like this is the first time he’s done shit like this. According to ESPN, “Green’s history — including 163 career technical fouls, 17 ejections and now four suspensions — played a significant part in the decision.”

The crazy part is that’s legitimately selling him short. Draymond gets in the refs face and screams at them every single game. He gets away with more than anyone in the NBA, and it’s about fuckin time he gets treated how any other player in this situation would be.

I’m sick of Draymond actively trying to hurt dudes over and over and over again.

Chuck is right too. The Kings have looked like the better team. Draymond has looked overmatched these two games against Sabonis.

Because he’s getting his ass kicked, he’s been playing dirty all series.

And what’s even more ridiculous is that he’s delusional.

It’s funny because he actually believes he wasn’t in the wrong. Draymond has been a pile of shit for so long, this was just another day in the office. Remember when he full out tackled a dude mid game?

I don’t even know why his teammates put up with his shit. It’s not like he’s talking about them like he talks about LeBron.

No, Draymond punches his teammates in the face.

I hope the Kings win game 3. Shit, I hope they sweep.

Light the beam baby.


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