Go Off King

This blog will be short, because I’m just gonna leave this video here for your viewing pleasure.

(if you want context, read what MyWitzEnd wrote here)

The only thing I’ll add is the final reason why Kendrick Perkins is so ridiculously wrong about the Jokic stat-padding narrative, because I wish JJ Redick could have had this stat in his back pocket:

This year, Nikola Jokic has had 9 games where he’s missed a triple double by either just 1 assist, or 1 rebound, including last night. He’s had 40 of these games throughout his career.

In fact, this happens so often, the Altitude sports team that covers Nuggets games has even come up with a name for this occurrence: A Sombor Double.

See what Kendrick Perkins got so incredibly wrong about this whole thing, and why it’s so outrageous that he’s not backing down from it, is because not only does Nikola Jokic not stat pad, he’s literally, in every sense of the word, the least likely player in the NBA, maybe NBA history, to stat pad. Why this proclamation from Kendrick Perkins has struck such a chord with Nuggets fans and people who actually spend time around the Nuggets team, is because this false narrative is the exact opposite of what makes the cloth that Jokic is cut from so special.

So yes Kendrick Perkins, players in the NBA stat pad. What made you the epitome of ignorance on this particular subject is that you emphatically stated what’s so obviously a falsehood: That NIKOLA JOKIC stat pads.

Carry on…


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