Great Comedy Is Back

Today I’m gonna try something a little different.

I love sports, obviously. That’s why this website is called, and not something else. But anyone who knows me knows my other favorite thing in the world is comedy. So while I sit here watching a fantastic Suns-Mavericks matchup, I can’t stop thinking about the new Chris Rock special that just came out on Netflix. It was everything you’d want in a comedy special. It was funny, it was relevant, it was a meaningful social commentary on the ridiculousness of the current state of the world. I personally think the best comedy does a great job of pointing out the hypocrisy of life, and with his new special, Selective Outrage, Chris Rock did that incredibly.

“Selective Outrage” was the perfect title for this special. It hit on exactly what’s wrong with todays society, while simultaneously being hilarious and exposing an ugly truth that few people today acknowledge. He talks about the woke culture we now live in and why none of it makes sense. One of my favorite bits was when he pointed out that companies don’t even advertise their products anymore, they advertise how virtuous they are. He talked about Lululemon and how in every store they have signs up that say “We don’t tolerate racism, sexism, or any hate of any kind.” Chris Rock then explains, “I don’t want Lululemon’s yoga pants politics… I’d prefer a pair of $20 racist yoga pants to their pair of non-racist $100 yoga pants…They sell $100 yoga pants. They hate somebody. They hate the poor.”

He goes on to explain the hypocrisy of people virtue signaling on Twitter…

“Everybody typing their woke tweets on phones made by child slaves!”

Meghan Markle playing the victim card…

And much, much more.

But the best part? What everyone came to see? Why the fuck Will Smith slapped him in the face at the Oscars…

*Chefs Kiss* on what was an amazing special by Chris Rock. He nailed every part of why Will Smith slapping him was so ridiculous. He absolutely eviscerated not only Will and his family, but why Selective Outrage is a big part of what’s wrong with the world today.

But the bigger point here?

Great comedy is back.

The pendulum has swung back to the other side. Comedians are no longer afraid of being cancelled for saying “the wrong thing.” Because that’s what comedy is about, right? It’s having a different perspective than everyone else. It’s taking a different outlook on something everyone believes to be true. It’s fucking around and finding out. Whether that’s talking about religion, race, or Will Smith slapping the shit out of you for making a joke, it’s ok. It’s one person’s opinions about something. If you don’t agree with it? That’s fine too. It’s OK to be offended. It’s not the end of the world. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s that simple.

Comedy is in a great place right now. One of my favorites is Shane Gillis, who infamously got hired and fired by SNL without ever appearing on the show. His special, available on YouTube, may just be the funniest comedy special I have ever seen.

-Ari Shaffir

-Mark Normand

-Theo Von

-Louis CK

And many many more.

Comedy is in such a good place right now and I can’t wait to see who/what comes next.

So enough of the bullshit Selective Outrage. Let’s start enjoying comedy again for what it is – An attempt to make people laugh. If the joke doesn’t land, it doesn’t land. If you don’t agree with the premise of the joke, fine, just don’t ruin if for other people. IT’S OK to laugh at different cultures, or something specific about a persons race, gender, or upbringing. Funny is funny. It doesn’t mean they’re racist or hateful. My hope is that we’re getting back to understanding that.


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