The NBA All-Star Game Somehow Got Worse

If you tuned into the NBA All-Star game on Sunday, what the fuck were you thinking? There was nothing else for you to do on a Sunday evening? No shows to watch? Nothing? Because if you tuned into the All-Star game, all you would have seen is the best athletes in the world giving the same effort as a 2-10 high school JV team.

Outside of the actual game, people were somewhat excited by the new format for picking teams. The idea was that the two captains, LeBron and Giannis, would pick their teams playground style. A decent concept we’ve seen played out the last few years during a live broadcast on TNT, but this year was supposed to be different because they were doing it in person, right before the game.

It turns out watching LeBron and Giannis try to be funny for 30 minutes on live TV wasn’t actually entertaining. Who woulda thunk.

I might be biased, but the best part of the whole thing was Jokic trying to duck being the last pick.

Jokic was in jeopardy of being drafted last because…well…because of course he was. Jokic is the most self-aware guy in the entire league.

Why would he want to try in this game? No one else did.

So what’s the solution? Here’s a thought from 1st time All-Star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

I’m not saying Shai is wrong here, offering more money to the winners wouldn’t hurt… but a guy saying he needs more money incentives to try hard at his job, while wearing a fur coat, is a slap in the face to the fans who are the only reason he earns over $30 million/year.

I get it, players don’t want to risk injury right before the stretch run into the playoffs, but c’mon, can we try a little harder than jogging up and down the court for an hour? Kobe would be ashamed…

At least the Dunk Contest on Saturday night was pretty cool.

A cool moment for high school legend Mac McClung.

Nothing could stop this G-Leaguer from winning the Dunk Contest, not even Shaq trying to absolutely obliterate his confidence by essentially telling Mac he’s a nobody right before the event…


“Nobody knows your name” was outta pocket by Shaq🤣 (via: Shaq Cam/AT&T 5G) #nba #nbaallstar #shaq #macmcclung

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Anyways, REAL basketball starts back up this Thursday, and the Denver Nuggets are that much closer to bringing home their first ever NBA championship. Thank god this shit show of an NBA All Star game is over with, let’s get back to the real thing.

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