No, The Kansas City Chiefs Are Not A Dynasty…Yet…

When did we become so soft? Not only are we giving awards out to losers, as a society we’re now lowering the bar for what’s considered a dynasty???

For my entire life, a dynasty has been commonly understood as 3 or more championships. We can get into how many years it should take to win those championships, but that’s just petty semantics. I personally think the line should be 6 years for 3 championships, 8 for 4, etc…Basically, no more than a 2:1 years-to-championships ratio. But if someone says it’s 3 in 7 years, or 8 years, or even a decade, that doesn’t matter that much to me. The most important thing is the amount of championships won.

Now, all of a sudden, the consensus seems to be that this recent Kansas City Chiefs run of success is now considered a dynasty?

Nick Wright being a bitch, like always.

What the fuck Mark Schlereth?!?

Yes, Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, and the Chiefs have had an incredible 5 years. Every year they’ve been in the AFC championship game, and every year they’ve either made the Super Bowl, or come 1 or 2 plays away from making the Super Bowl. It’s been a remarkable string of success.

But a dynasty???

Not yet, anyways.

Dynasties are based on championships, not how close you get to them. It’s walking into an NFL teams building and seeing 3 Lombardi trophies from the same era, not 2.

Luckily, I’m not alone in this thinking.

Unfortunately, if feels like we’re in the minority.

Let me ask this simple question to the people calling this Chiefs run a dynasty:

What NFL teams do you remember as Dynasties?

If you’re like most fans of the NFL it’s probably a pretty short list.

-The early 2000’s New England Patriots

-The 90’s Cowboys

-The 80’s 49ers

-The 70’s Steelers

As the last posted tweet suggests, no one considers the late 2000’s Ben Roethlisberger led Steelers teams a dynasty…

No one suggests the late 90’s Broncos are a dynasty…

Nor the 80’s Redskins…

So why now? Why are the Chiefs all of a sudden a dynasty with just 2 Super Bowls?

Is it because they’ve come close to winning others? Is it because they’ve dominated the AFC?

Whatever the reason, it’s not right.

We need to stop crowning teams ahead of time. The Chiefs just won the Super Bowl, great. They won a few years back, too. Awesome. To be a dynasty, they have to win one more. Fuck what anyone else thinks, that’s the rule.

My rule anyways…

The sad reality is that for Broncos fans like me, this is all we have left. Fighting tooth and nail against the narrative that our bitter rivals are a legitimate dynasty.

Sean Payton, please save us from this destitute existence. You’re our last hope.


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