2023 Quarterback Carousel – Tom Brady Retirement Fallout

After falling asleep while watching the Pro Bowl this weekend, I was motivated to do something that would actually be fun. Why do they even do the Pro Bowl? They should just name the players on each all-star team, and have a little fan fest where fans and KIDS can go meet the players and get autographs. Enough with this skills challenge and flag football bologna.

I digress, let’s take a trip down to the county fairgrounds to buy a tee shirt, a couple corn dogs, a dozen beers, and hop on the quarterback carousel.

Tom Brady

Will he unretire?  

  • Yes +900 
  • No -2000 

Next Team Odds

  • Buccaneers +200 
  • Raiders +250 
  • 49ers +350 
  • Patriots +750 
  • Dolphins +750 
  • Giants +900 
  • Jets +900 
  • Titans +1500 

The first major puzzle piece has been laid and the quarterback offseason picture has become a little clearer, right? He can’t come back again, can he? Dude, imagine the script for this one. Tom Brady in Sin City, reunited with the coordinator that he won 6 rings with. Rodger Goodell would unseat the Fyre Fest water guy after the things he would do to have Brady go through Burrow, Allen, and Mahomes for the chance at ring number 8 as the home team in Super Bowl LVII hosted in Las Vegas. Frankly, I was happy when Brady announced his retirement because the grumblings I heard around the water tank indicated that Brady to the Raiders was essentially a certainty. I didn’t think it would be the right move for the franchise unless Arian Foster’s NFL is reality (it isn’t). If you’re feeling extra spicy, I think the Raiders or Buccaneers are the only legitimate options in this list, so parlay your Yes and Raiders for +3400; however, I think Boy Wonder actually means it this time around, and so do the oddsmakers in Vegas. Tuck your money away into your pocket and pour one out for one of the 10 times he beat your team and broke your heart. Good riddance Mr. Brady.

Lamar Jackson

Next Team Odds

  • Ravens -200 
  • Jets +400 
  • Falcons +500 
  • Raiders +750 
  • Patriots +900 
  • 49ers +1200 
  • Commanders +1500 
  • Titans +1500 
  • Panthers +2000 

Lamar Jackson’s offseason is becoming more intriguing by the day. Jackson is seeking a contract at least as large with as many guarantees as the contract the Browns gave out to their unnamed quarterback, and he deserves it so much more. If Jackson and the Ravens are unable to reach a deal on an extension, Baltimore will be forced to either apply the franchise tag or trade their former MVP quarterback. Even if they apply the franchise tag, it’s entirely possible that Jackson elects to hold out or request a trade. If any of the teams not named the Baltimore Ravens want Lamar on their team, they’re going to have to give up a king’s ransom. Of the teams listed with odds, aside from the Ravens, I only think three make sense.

My biased ass would love to see Jackson in Silver and Black next season. If they can trade Carr for a second-round pick, they’ll have two 2s and the number 6 overall pick to offer to Baltimore. Plus, they have a surplus of cap space. Jackson, Adams, Waller, and Renfrow is something you see in Madden. However, I don’t see this happening. The Raiders have too many holes to risk trading 3+ draft picks to fill one, and I don’t think Mark Davis and the team has enough cash to give Jackson the signing bonus and guarantees he is seeking and deserves.

There are a lot of folk in the media who are saying the Falcons would be a great fit for Lamar Jackson, and it’s hard to disagree. They already have a strong offensive line and an excellent running game. People close to me understand I have an irrational love for Cordarrelle Patterson (CP84) and would love to see Jackson run RPOs with him, Allgeier, Pitts, and Drake London. It’d be so fitting for the modern-day NFL Street dream team to be the 2023 Falcons. Vick Vs LJax? EA Sports please take my money now.

Would the Falcons really pull the plug on Desmond Ridder this quickly? If I’m Falcons front office and the Ravens answer our calls, I think you might have to.

Last, the Jets make the playoffs last season with Jackson as their quarterback and would have legitimately had a chance of at winning the AFC East; their defense is that good. I believe Saleh’s bum might be feeling a little warm right now, despite the 2022 season that exceeded expectations. So what should a head coach and GM do with a hot chair and a championship caliber, win-now defense? Go get your guy. Do it, Jets!!!! I think the New York Jets will go get their guy this offseason, but it won’t be Lamar Jackson; he’s staying in Baltimore.

Aaron Rodgers

Next Team Odds

  • Packers +200 
  • 49ers +450 
  • Raiders +575 
  • Titans +1200 
  • Jets +1200 
  • Seahawks +1250 
  • Colts +1500 
  • Field +800 
  • Retirement +650 

Aaron Rodgers is their guy. I am excited to see him level up Garrett Wilson from a great receiver into an elite receiever one back shoulder fade at a time. Don’t sleep on the AFC East with Allen, Tua, Rodgers, and Jacobi Meyers throwing passes next season.

Don’t fall for Devante Adams liking tweets about Rodgers in Vegas and all of the Rogers on the Raiders edits. Acquiring Rodgers would cost way too much, and, unlike Jackson, he is 39 years old and has a best-case window of only two seasons. This move makes sense for a team with a win-now roster and the Raiders, Seahawks, and Colts do not have that. Aaron Rodgers is either retiring or being traded to the Jets this offseason.

Derek Carr

Next Team Odds

  • Colts +300 
  • Jets +350 
  • Buccaneers +500 
  • Panthers +800 
  • Saints +900 
  • Commanders +1000 
  • Patriots +1000 

Oh Derek, the true personification of the rollercoaster that is fandom. I am going to take this opportunity to offer my unsolicited thoughts on the Raiders franchise quarterback for the last 9 season. I’m grateful for everything he did for my favorite poverty franchise. He was an admirable figurehead and shield that took on so much embarrassment with dignity and grace for a team that repeatedly let him down. He gave me the most fun season I’ve ever had as he lit up the league with Crabtree, Cooper, Roberts, Hudson, Penn, KO, and Gabe. (Mack deserves a lot of credit for that season too). He had to answer questions when lost his WR1 to frostbitten feet one year, then again when he lost another WR1 after an incredibly tragic event that killed a young woman and her dog. Since his rookie season in 2014, raiders defense ranks 31st or 32nd overall in nearly every category. He had to answer for Jon Gruden’s emails, and then he led that rag-tag team to the playoffs and had them a pass away from beating the future AFC champion Bengals. I’m not a believer in Coach McDaniels, but I hope I’m wrong. I am of the belief that the Raiders’ regressions in the 2022 season were not on Carr, but I also somehow agree it’s time to move on. I hope he goes to any team with a defense ranked higher than 26th overall and balls out. He deserved to go out in a much better way than he did this year, but that’s sort of Mark Davis’s MO. Thanks for the memories DC; I’ll always hold onto that 2016 what if.

Ok, enough of my feelings, where will he go next season? 

As hilarious as it would be to see the Colts take a flier on yet another veteran quarterback, they have the number 4 overall pick and I expect them to stay put and draft either Bryce Young or CJ Stroud, whichever of the two falls to four. Irsay didn’t hire Jeff Saturday to tank for Derek Carr.

How about a Derek Carr-Dennis Allen reunion? The Saints are a very compelling option. Carr plays much more comfortably and confidently in domes, would thrive in a weaker NFC south division, and the Saints boasted the 5th best defense in terms of yards allowed per game and 9th best in points. The snag with Carr to NOLA is that they have essentially negative cap space, so some very creative bookkeeping and roster manipulation would be required. I’d love to see this happen, I just can’t see how it can get done. Can we talk about how bookkeeping has 3 consecutive letter pairs? How fun.

Bucs would also be a fun destination, and Carr has the type of blood that would draw him to want to fill the massive shoes of Tom Brady. Tampa Bay is another team with a top 10 defense, but I don’t think the quarterback play is what held them back last season. I’m not sold that the Buccaneers have the roster that would lead them to trade for Carr. Maybe if the Raiders botch the trade and DC hits free agency, then the Bucs looks much more plausible.

If the Raiders are going to trade Carr, it will be to Carolina. The Panthers have an exuberant number of picks after selling McCaffrey at the deadline, and I expect them to either move up in the draft or make a move to acquire Carr to be their next franchise quarterback. 

There should be a second set of odds for if the Raiders are unable to trade him before the Feb 15th deadline and are forced to release him. If this worst-case scenario for Raiders fans happens, then this list of next team candidates would double in size. Derek Carr signing a deal in Santa Clara?? Oh boy.

Just Win Baby.


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